Nozzle Protection

Spray Nozzle Protection

Spray Nozzles are specifically engineered for four critical functions: flow control, cleaning, uniformed spraying, and atomizing. It is important to filter solids from water, before they reach your spray nozzles. Unwanted and oversized particles can block the inside of an orifice, which in turn restricts water flow, impairs spray uniformity, and allows debris to pass through which in turn ends up in your process or on your product. For spray nozzle protection, careful media selection is essential. The primary factor to be considered is orifice size and shape of the nozzle opening. Other factors include solids content, type of contaminant, particle size, and shape, amount of contaminant to be removed, liquid temperature, and required flow rates. The most efficient and economical solution is a self-cleaning screen filter. Besides being very efficient the use of the automatic filter eliminates the need to maintain and replace the sand in media filters or replace cartridges or bags which are also an environmental getting rid of problem. The automation also allows for accurate time controlled backwash which returns the filter media to a clean condition. Yamit filters are the preferred choice for this specific application due to their high quality product, specifically the carefully selected screen, and the vast range of filter sizes and filtration grade, a fact that makes it easy to select the accurate solution as per each size and shape of nozzles.
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