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MEGA Electric Brush Filters

Applications: automatic self cleaning brush filter, specially designed for very high flows, combines  the advantages of high quality filtration from different water sources of industrial, municipal and irrigation  applications, with self-cleaning features, offering a continuous water supply.

Standard Characteristics:

  • Filter housing and connections: Carbon Steel ST37.2
  • Inlet/outlet Vertical layout: on an axis of 90° or 180° –   Horizontal layout: Parallel
  • Connections: Flanged, 16″-54“ Inlet/outlet
  • Pre-treatment: sand blasting up to Sa 2.5 grade
  • Exterior & Interior coating: electrostatic oven baked polyester-epoxy powder coating with a thickness of 150-200 micron
  • Minimum operating working pressure during flushing: 1 bar (14.5 psi)
  • Maximum recommended working pressure: up to 10 bar (145 psi).
  • Maximum water temperature: 65°C (149°F)
  • Minimum flushing flow (3″ valve): 50 m³/h,(220 GPM)
  • Clean screen pressure loss: up to 0.1 bar (1.45 psi).
  • Filter element: Stainless Steel screen AISI 316 mesh, supported by a PVC cylinder, 3 layered screen SST316L, or sintered screen SST316L
  • Filtration degree: 300-3000 micron
  • Controller: PLC Programmer with soft touch screen
  • Electric motor: 0.25 HP
  • Control voltage: 110V, 220V or 380-440V 3-phase


Water enters the filter through the “inlet” and passes through the fine screen, which purifies the flow by separating smaller particles from the water. As more water flows through, impurities build up on the fine screen and its external section.

Self-cleaning process – “Flushing“

When the difference in pressure (DP) reaches the preset value on the differential pressure indicator, or the duel time between flushing passed, the following events happen while the water continues to flow to the system units: the controller transmits a signal for a 1- second flushing cycle; the flushing valve opens, pressure is released from the inner side of the fine screen; the electric motor simultaneously rotates the brushes around its axis; the brushes wipe all the dirt and efficiently clean the entire internal screen surface.

At the end of the 10 second cycle, the flushing valve closes and the operation of the electric motor is stopped. The filter is now ready for the next cycle, with clean and filtered water flowing throughout the “Outlet”.

The 10 second flushing cycle resumes operation whenever the difference in pressure reaches the preset pressure value set on the differential pressure indicator. If the pressure difference remains unchanged after one cycle, another cycle will start after a delay of 10 seconds.

Each Mega filter contains 2 or more screens in one filter body.

The flushing process can be programmed (on request) to work either each screen separately or in pairs.

Filtration degree: from 200-3000 micron


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