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PPS - Pre-Pump Strainer

Applications: pre-filtration to protect and extend the life of the pump and reduce the level of water solids.

Standard Characteristics:

  • Body of strainer and connections: Carbon Steel ST37.2
  • Pre-treatment: sand blasting up to Sa 2.5 grade
  • Exterior & Interior coating: electrostatic oven baked polyester-epoxy powder coating with a thickness of 150-200 micron
  • Connections: Flange
  • Available filtration grades: 1200 or 2500 micron
  • Available diameters: 4” – 20” (other sizes are available on request)
  • Minimum operating working pressure for the flushing: 1.5 bar (22 psi).
  • The basket is equipped with a suction tube and accessories for the connection and operation of the mechanism of the hydraulic motor
  • Available Installation: horizontal or vertical
  • Flexible tube 1” including connectors – 12.5 m de long



The PPS is installed submerged in the water source. When pumping starts, water flows through the screen and large suspended trash and solid dirt is accumulated on the outside of the screen preventing it from entering the pump and the water system. The screen is automatically self-cleaned by pressurized water sprayed from the nozzles, continuously rotating and covering the entire area of the screen (the rotation velocity is adjustable).


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