Oil & Gas, England

Oil & Gas / UF Membranes

The Need:

Brackish Water Filtration. The oil reservoir utilizes injected brackish water to increase the oil pressure To eliminate the risk of injection nozzles blockage, a pre-injection filtration process is required. Veolia has defined the use of media filtration to be followed by fine screen filters. The solution had to provide a high level of reliability, redundancy, ease of operation and operational efficiency

The Solution:

Mega 1400 Automatic Electric filters. BP selected the Yamit Mega 1400 Automatic Electric Self Cleaning Suction Filter. The filters were provided skid mounted for fast installation on site and were design was ASME (VIII Div I) ‘U’ stamped


Mega 1400

Flow rate

8,890 m3/h (7 + 1 units)

Structural Materials

Carbon steel body inner lining and special external epoxy coating SST 904L screen

Filtration Degree

10 µm


10 Bar


ASME U Stamp

End customer

BP, England
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