UF Membrane Protection, Cyprus

Protection of UF membranes in a sea water desalination plant, Cyprus

The need:

Drinking water supply - Cyprus. Protection of UF membranes in a sea water desalination plant.

The solution:

Yamit SA510SX * 12 semi-automatic screen suction scanner filters


M.N. Limassol Water co. LTD was looking for a replacement to the existing nonfunctional strainer battery in their seawater desalination plant near Limassol. Their engineering team selected the most cost efficient solution which provides the desired water quality with minimal operation, energy and water consumption.


SA510SX – 12 units

Flow rate:

3,820 – 4,500 m³h

Structural Materials:

Vessel – Polyester painted Carbone steel internally rubber-lined. Screen and internals – 100 mic Stainless Steel SMO 254 Duplex

Filtration Grade:

100 µm

Pressure :

2 bar


Pre-Filtration to UF membranes in a drinking water desalination plant

Final customer:

M.N. Limassol Water LTD, Cyprus
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