Process Water, Belgium

Process Water Filtration

The Need:

Pre treatment for Ultra Filtration Membranes. The plant utilizes Canal water treated to a level of Ultra Pure Water to ensure reliability of production process. The client’s engineering team has defined the use of Ultra Filtration membranes as the main treatment method with a requirement to protect the UF membranes from blockage

The Solution:

Yamit AF-800 Automatic hydraulic filters. Taminco selected the Yamit Automatic Hydraulic self cleaning filters as - it's UF pre-treatment solution. The power consumption of the filter is significant low, due to the use of the hydraulic power of the water for cleaning. Due to the high quality of the filtered water, the UF membranes were able to perform for long periods with less backwash sequences and minimum CIP procedures.


AF – 800 Automatic Hydraulic Filters

Flow rate

250 m3/h

Structural Materials

Carbon steel body SST 316L screen 

Max. Pressure

10 bar

Filtration Degree

120 µm

Inlet/Outlet Pipe



Pre-Treatment for UF Membranes

End customer

Taminco Chemical Plant, Belgium
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