Drinking Water, Swaziland

Mobile containerized in & out plug & play Drinking water system


With an economic base of tourism, the resort community must have an uncontaminated, clean drinking water supply for a population of 70,000. The requirements are for a water treatment system which is mobile, “containerized”, and straightforward to maintain.


A mobile water treatment system wholly contained, delivered and operational in ISO 20’ containers. The system supplies 3300 m3/day of clean, drinking and domestic water to the community


Good quality drinking water. NTU below 0.5 color below 5. The community has a stable and continuous source of uncontaminated drinking and domestic water. The tourism base and economic welfare as well as the health of the community are improved. The community now looks forward to additional opportunities for advancing its resource infrastructure.


Mobile containerized in & out plug & play Drinking water system

Water source


Flow rate

3200 m3/day




Ezulwini Valley, SWAZILAND
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