Drinking Water, Swaziland

Drinking Water


Simunye is located in the eastern Lubombo region in an area known for sugar cane processing. The town of approximately 6,000 has growing needs for quality drinking and domestic water

Treatment Process

Intake station, Sand separation, Chemical treatment, Sedimentation, Multi media filtration, Treated water storage tank, Filters flushing treatment


Water treatment plant providing 1200 m3/h of clean, quality drinking and domestic water. The plant uses technologies including clarifier/sedimentation and media filtration. In addition, water used for processing in the plant is itself treated and recycled.


Good quality drinking water NTU < 0.5, color < 5


190,000 inhabitants

Water Source


Feed Water Quality

Turbidity < 200 NTU

Treated Water Flow Rate

30,000 m3/day (114,000 GPD)

Treated Water Quality

Turbidity < 0.5 NTU Color < 5 Pt.Co.

Flow Rate

1200 m3/h (5284GPM)

End customer

Simunye Government, Swaziland
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