Mining Projects, Chile

Mining Projects - Desalination

The Need: Provide filtered seawater for the mine

Utilizing treated seawater for all the mine's production needs which are estimated at 68,000 m3/day of which 8% are desalinated utilizing Reverse Osmosis Membranes Water is pumped to an altitude of 2,300 meters to the mine. Requirement for a reliable filtering solution that can efficiently handle the large water capacity, high pressure and seawater conditions

The Solution: Yamit AF-900 Automatic hydraulic filters

Minera Esperanza selected the Yamit AF-900 Automatic electric self cleaning filter as the main UF pre treatment solution in the desalination project. Filters constructed with seawater corrosion resistant materials and designed to operate with 25 Bar pressure Design was according to ASME supervised by third party inspection (TPI)


AF 916 PN25

Flow rate

17,000 m3/day X 4 Units

Structural Materials

Carbone steel with inner line neoprene Stainless Steel 904 SMO 254 Duplex Stainless Steel

Filtration Degree

100 µm


25 Bar


Pre-Treatment for RO Membranes

End customer

Minera Esperanza, Chile
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