Drinking Water, Slovakia

Drinking Water, Treatment System, Slovakia


Filtration, disinfection and supply of drinking water to small villages by a fully automatic "Turn-Key" System. Reduction of NTU from 30-40 to ≤ 1.

Equipment list

Pre-filtration – 2" semi-automatic 200 micron screen filter / 2nd stage filtration – a battery of 2x16" diameter short media filters / 3rd stage filtration – a battery of 5x16" diameter high multimedia filters - slow velocity / Coagulation dosing station / Disinfection dosing station / A complete control system

Flow rate

5.4 m³h

Structural Materials

Screen filter, media filters, manifolds – Polyester coated carbon steel / Screen – Stainless steel on PVC base / Valves - plastic

Filtration grade

Different filtration grades as per specific equipment to reduce turbidity from 30-40 NTU to ≤1 NTU


2.0-3.5 bar as per specific equipment
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