Drinking Water, Philippines

Drinking Water - Mobile Unit


Containerized mobile emergency system for drinking water


The Philippines is subject to cyclones and floods which can interrupt and contaminate the drinking water supply, leaving the population without safe drinking water.


A mobile, “containerized” emergency drinking water treatment system providing 4m3/h of safe, clean drinking water

Treatment Process

Intake station, Sedimentation, Chemical treatment, Multi-media filtration, Activated carbon filtration, Reverse osmosis [RO] unit, Treated water storage tank



Feed Water Source

Surface water, Brackish water

Feed Water Quality

Turbidity<1500 NTU; Color<200 TCU; TDS<1500 ppm

Water Flow Rate

100 m3/day (380 GPD)

Treated Water Quality

Drinking water according to the Philippines standards (Turbidity<5 NTU; Color<5 TCU; TDS<500 ppm)

Treatment process

Pumping, sedimentation, deep media filtration, active carbon filtration, reverse osmosis [RO], and storage

End customer

Municipality Manila, Philippines
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