Oil & Gas, Qatar

Oil & Gas / UF Membrane Protection

The Need:

Seawater Pre-Filtration for RO. Maersk Oil drill platform located of the shore of Qatar utilizes desalinated sea water oil extraction process for injection into the drilling site. The system was designed to include filters to ensure removal of any impurities, such as shells, algae and suspended solids The filtration solutions had to be space, energy and operations efficient, with anti corrosion features

The Solution:

Yamit AF-208 Automatic hydraulic filters The filter was designed to work at a 300m3/h capacity with a filtration degree of 80 µm The filter is mounted on an explosion proof enclosure and built from corrosion resistant structural materials The power consumption of the filter is significant low, due to the use of the hydraulic power of the water for cleaning


AF-208 Automatic Hydraulic Filter

Flow rate

300 m3/h

Structural Materials

SMO Stainless Steel Titanium & Marine Bronze Stainless Steel 316 L Explosion Proof Enclosure

Filtration Degree

80 µm


Pre-Treatment for RO Membranes

End customer

Off Shore Drilling Rig, Qatar
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