Irrigation Water Distribution, Israel

Irrigation Water Distribution, Israel

The Need

Supply of Treated and Post filtered Wastewater for Irrigation Purposes

The Solution

Yamit AF916XLP automatic hydraulically operated screen suction scanner filters


Barak Reservoir - Mekorot, the Israeli National Water Company, a major supplier of water for all purposes, built the regional reservoir which receives treated waste water from the wastewater treatment plant nearby. The reservoir water is suitable for unlimited irrigation and the purpose of the filtration is to remove solid suspended particles that may clog the irrigation emitters.


Ram-On Cooperative Settlement, Jezrael Valley, Israel


Mekorot – Israeli National Water Company


AF916XLP – 9 units

Flow rate

3,500 m³h

Structural Materials

Vessel – Polyester painted Carbone steel / Screen– Stainless Steel supported by a PVC base

Filtration Grade

120 µm


2.5 Bar
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