Drinking Water, Israel

Drinking and Domestic Water Treatment


Drinking and Domestic Water Treatment. The water for this region of farming and agricultural communities was being contaminated, particularly by run-off during the winter rains. The region must have year-round consistent quality and availability of domestic/drinking water

Treatment Process

Pre-filtration, Chemical treatment, Multi media filtration, Disinfection

Solution and Results

A drinking and domestic water treatment system using multi-media filtration technology was installed providing 9600m3/day of clean, pure water for the entire region.


Drinking and Domestic Water Treatment



Water source

Dan River

Feed Water Quality

Turbidity< 15 NTU

Treated Water Quality

Turbidity<0.2 NTU (water quality is better than the required standard)

Treated Water Flow Rate

Stage I – 10,800 m3/day (41,000 GPD) , Stage II – 10,800 m3/day (41,000 GPD)

Flow rate

Stage 1:450 m3/h (1982 GPM), Stage 2: 450 m3/h (1982 GPM)

Treatment process

Pre-treatment, and deep media filtration


Dan Mizrahi Project, Israel
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