Drinking water plant, Israel

Drinking Water Plant – Water extracted from The Sea of Galilee (Lake Kinneret) - Israel

The need:

Kibbutz Ein-Gev is located at the East side of the lake. Its drinking water needs are supplied directly from the lake. The low inlet water turbidity and strict health ministry regulations called for the choice of specific media and flocculants.

The result:

The design of Yamit's solution enabled the reduction of turbidity at the outlet of the system to below the required standard and the quality of the water consumed by the Kibbutz residents is excellent.

Maximum Flow rate

100 m3h, 2400 m3d

Inlet pressure

8.1 bar

Minimum designed pressure

2.5 bar

Structural materials

- Filtration vessels and piping- carbon steel - Chemical storage tanks, dosing and control tubes – PE

In/out vessel coating

Epoxy drinking water approved

The process flow

1. Pre-filtration by 3 2. Flocculation by PAC (Poly Aluminum Chloride) 3. Water metering 4. Main multi-media filtration 5. Chlorine dioxide disinfection 6. Water quality (residual chlorine, turbidity, pH) online monitoring 7. A pumping station to supply water into the storage tank 8. Instrumentation for filter backwash with chemically treated and disinfected water (disinfection by Chlorine Hypochlorite). 9. Forward rinsing after backwash
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