Drip Irrigation, Australia

Iron Removal


Remove soluble iron from ground water in a cost-effective chemical-free process


The iron filtration process involves a unique method of removing soluble iron from groundwater without the need for large dropout tanks or chemical extraction procedures. The process of removing the iron is carried out through a two part procedure


Air is injected through a mazzi injector via a booster pump into the raw bore water. This starts the iron oxidation process.


The oxidized water then passes through a naturally occurring catalytic media catching the precipitated iron. The iron filtration unit is capable of removing iron for between 15 and 25 hours of service. This time frame is site specific with each unit being set to its own requirements. After the specified operation time the filtration system will automatically backwash using the natural groundwater. This process rids the filter of accumulated iron effectively recharging it for its next operation period. A rinse stage cleans the filter before returning it to service


This particular method of iron filtration represents a much improved method of treating contaminated groundwater for the removal of iron and manganese. As a requirement for this process, the water is oxidized and sometimes pH is elevated. The resultant efficiency of this aeration and filtration process involves smaller apparatus and materials than conventional treatment systems. This system will produce water to meet World Health Organization standards
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