Iron & Manganese Removal

Iron & Manganese removal

The Need:

Iron & Manganese removal System for blue berries irrigation

The Solution:

6 units of F6036




Zelenit Hit


April 2019

Flow Rate:

30 m3/h

Level FE & MN at outlet:

less than 0.1 ppm


* Feed water at a pressure of 30-35 meter is delivered to the inlet header of the treatment system by a designated feed pump. * Air is injected by a venturi pump and Chlorine injected by a dosing pump in order to enhance the Oxidation process. * The water flows to a static Mixer that increases the contact between the water & the Coagulant. The water flows into 3 successive tanks in order to secure efficient contact time. The water is pumped to a Media filtration system for the process of Iron and manganese larger solid particles and other impurities removal. Back wash will be is operated by DP, time or manually. Once the controller receives an electric command for flushing, the PLC will close the downstream valve and open the backwash valve to start the backwash process with the filtered water from the remaining filters.
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