Protection of Heat Exchangers in cooling system

protection of heat exchangers in the plant's cooling system

The Need:

Yamit Filtration - supplier of filtration systems to protect heat exchangers at Finland's State of the Art new power plant Protection of heat exchangers in the plant's cooling system. Yamit's 3,600 m3h Automatic Electrically operated screen filter system was selected as an integral part of the centralized cooling system of the plant.

The Solution:

4 units AF916XLP 1000 microns Automatic electrically operated screen filters preceded by 4 units F2018 3000 microns remove suspended particles from the water and extend the life span of the protected equipment.




September 2020

Flow Rate:

3,600 m3h

Water source:


Filtration grades:

F2018 (18" in/out) Pre-filters- 3,000 microns; AF916XLP (16" in/out) Automatic filters- 1000 microns

Water temperature:



All filters are isolated for frost protection purposes.

* Pre-filters:

Stainless Steel 316L vessels

* Automatic filters

Carbon steel vessels

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