ST. ST. Gravel Media Filter Body, Australia

Stainless Steel Gravel Media Filter Body

Yamit Filtration Systems and Water Treatment's first stainless steel body, gravel media filters in Australia

For more than 2 decades, Yamit has been providing Australia with its irrigation filter solution needs. Now Yamit has introduced its range of stainless steel body, gravel media filters for this demanding market, according to customers' specific requirements. One special feature is the unique passivation process that extends the life span of the stainless steel construction. The system shown here protects drippers irrigating a large almond orchard. It consists of 12 48" filters at water flow rate of over 720 m³h followed by 2 automatic hydraulic Yamit screen filters for security purposes. The high quality, special featured product is already operating in the main agricultural market worldwide.




March, 2020


12 * 48" Gravel Media Filters

Flow Rate:

720 m³/h
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